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Say This--NOT THAT  by  Dan OConnor

Say This--NOT THAT by Dan OConnor
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Have you ever had one of those “I wish I hadn’t just said that!” moments?In “Say This, Not That,” expert communication trainer Dan O’Connor gives you the words and phrases you can use to effortlessly hit your communication target every time.With “Say This, Not That,” you can skip right to the punch and learn the danger phrases to avoid—the ones that are sabotaging your message, and the power phrases to use—the ones that will enable you to deliver your message with clarity and effectiveness—the ones that will move you to a new communication level and put you in the category of savvy communicator.

No more skimming through pages to find what you’re looking for--every page has useful tools you’ll be able to apply immediately, and examples of each phrase in use. Furthermore, this program comes complete with quick-reference reminder cards you can have at-the-ready, so you can really make these techniques your own—not just for one enthusiastic moment, but forever!What will you find in Say This Not That?1- The words!

Most chapters deal with one specific danger phrase to be eliminated from your verbal repertoire and one specific power phrase to replace it. However, since not all phrases we’ll be covering have exact opposites, you’ll also find chapters that deal solely with danger phrases to be purged from usage, and other chapters that deal solely with power phrases that should be added to your every day communication arsenal, to infuse your speech with punch and power.2- The theory--A great deal of research has gone into determining the effect of words on the listener.

You’ll learn the reasons—the “why” of every lesson.3- Examples--You’ll find examples of situations in which the phrases should or should not be used, as well as variations of the words under discussion.4- Quick reference cards--The number of the quick-reference card that accompanies each lesson. In the back of this book you’ll find the quick-reference card. If you’re using an e-reader, you can simply turn to that page and keep it open to your phrase for the day, and if you’d like to print out these cards, simply go to our website and click on the customer resources section.It’s as easy as that to achieve new levels of communication success!“Thank you, Dan, for giving me the words!

I didn’t know it could be so easy to improve my communication skills. I carry your book with me wherever I go, and use the power phrases both at work and at home. Because of your training, I have a better relationship with my boss, my husband, and even my teenagers! I just can’t thank you enough.”-Marsha Thompson, Washington DC, USA

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