Aventuras de una gota de agua / Adventures of a Water Drop Begona Ibarrola

ISBN: 9781860497254

Published: December 2nd 1999


208 pages


Aventuras de una gota de agua / Adventures of a Water Drop  by  Begona Ibarrola

Aventuras de una gota de agua / Adventures of a Water Drop by Begona Ibarrola
December 2nd 1999 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 208 pages | ISBN: 9781860497254 | 3.36 Mb

3.5 starsThis is Cailin Thomas’s account of her life with Dylan Thomas, written many years after his death and after she had given up alcohol. This is really an account of their lives with alcohol. Neither of them come across as likeable and one’s sympathies are inevitably with their children. This isn’t a traditional biographical account, but focuses rather on Caitlin’s feelings about and reactions to Dylan- which were powerful and unpredictable.The myth of Dylan Thomas is exploded, in terms of how he was to live with.

Drink, particularly beer was dominant. He was a raconteur and utterly charming of course. He was also constitutionally incapable of fidelity and totally selfish. There is a lengthy analysis on the effect of drink and its impact on the pair of them. This account is much more impressionistic than Thomas’s previous accounts of her life and not published until after her death.

There is a madness and desperation to it which reminds one of books like Leaving Las Vegas- only this isn’t fiction.Her son to her second husband has edited this and she wrote with his help- he draws similarities with Sylvia Plath. She tried to commit suicide several times and her life in Dylan’s shadow meant that her own talents were neglected. She has been portrayed as drunken (that part is true), irresponsible in relation to her children, unloving and unfaithful to Dylan in her turn. The book illustrates that her attempts at infidelity were a total disaster. She was expected to look after her famous husband and put up with his moods and infidelities and they were certainly violent towards each other.

Alcoholism does not lead to good parenting. The real problem is that Dylan was at the same time much more and much less than she expected.It is a searingly honest account of the effects of alcohol, madness and genius- written by a survivor.

The brief account of Caitlin’s childhood are charming and such a contrast with the madness that came after.

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