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DJ is a film inspired by real events from the life of a talented underground Polish DJ - Mini. Maja Hirsch in the leading role is accompanied by Daniel Olbrychski, Robert Gonera and well-known overseas producers Miltos Yerolemou (Game of Thrones, Star Wars) and Rosalind Halstead (Wichrowe Wzgórza, Bridget Jones).
The soundtrack for the film was composed by a Spanish multi-instrumentalist and producer, DJ Uner. The film will have its premiere in Poland (19th January 2018), as well as in London and Ibiza.
"DJ" is the first European film depicting the phenomenon of DJing and club music culture from the perspective of a woman. The main protagonist is a beautiful, ambitious and talented woman who lacks faith in herself. Mini enters the great world of club music – often a ruthless place, in which it is easy to lose yourself and give up on your values. It’s a hermetic environment dominated by men. Will a woman be able to make a name for herself in this dog-eat-dog world? How much will she have to sacrifice and how far will she go to achieve success and satisfy her own ambitions? Will she give up on her values and exceed her own limits? 
The film was shot in Poland, Great Britain and in sunny Ibiza’s popular clubs such as Ministry of Sound, Ushuaia, Privilege and Es Paradis. Ibiza is the mecca for electronic music fans, renowned for the performances of the finest DJs. The best known places in Ibiza include Ushuaia or the famous Privilege – the largest club in the world, which can house over 10,000 people and made it to the Guinness Book of Records. Its sound system only is worth $ 6 million. DJ Uner is a celebrated Ibiza fixture and was also involved in the making of the film as a composer. Other musicians who participated in the film documentation include: STEEVE VALVERDE, ANDY MOOR, CARL COX, PETE TONG, JUDGE JULES, NELSKI, ANDRÉ TANNEBERGER, NINA KRAVIZ, ANDREA OLIVA, ALE ZUBER, PATRYK SKWARSKI, CHELINA MANUHUTU, WALLY LOPEZ, BRIAN CROSS, ORIOL. CALVO.
For the first time in history a film was shot in authentic club interiors.
"DJ" is a directorial debut of Alek Kort (nickname), with Paweł Flis as the cinematographer of the production. The film is the fruit of the work of an international team and took over 34days to make.
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