Story DJ

The desire for perfection, crossing boundaries can lead directly to obsession with own ego. What happens when music is more important than relationships? Who we become without love? Is having talent enough to climb to the top?

"DJ" is a real-life story inspired by the life of the incredibly talented, underground Polish DJ Mini. It is a film about ambition, the constant pursuit of dreams, and above all about perceiving the world through your own experiences in the "Love Yourself" culture. "DJ" for the first time presents in the European cinema the career of a DJ from a female perspective.
The action is set in a clubbing environment. The main character of the nickname - DJ Mini, is a beautiful but demonic, ambitious and above all very talented musician, educated artistically and in love with electronic music. Unfortunately she is not aware of her exceptional talent. When a dream becomes ambition, it turns into a curse. And when isolation leads to a race with our own ego, it distances us from love for ourselves. Mini enters the great world of club music.
In this ruthless world she can easily lose and abandon her values and feelings.
Will the electronic music scene ,which is dominated by men, force the DJ Mini to cross her boundaries? Will she do things that are against her values? Will the music that she loves so much and which gives her so much satisfaction stun her and deprive her of feelings? What is she capable of doing to meet her desires and ambitions?
DJ is a very intriguing film presenting club culture, which in a realistically presents a hermetic and ruthless DJ'ing environment. However, it also presents universal values. It shows what is really important in times when "Love Yourself" culture triumphs in every area of life. In the era of self-reflection, self-promotion, techniques aimed at satisfying the needs of an extended ego it is not surprising a true talent is no longer enough. The film perfectly depicts the issues of the 21st century ...

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