Feeding Governor Christie: A Love Story Harmon Cooper


Published: June 28th 2015


109 pages


Feeding Governor Christie: A Love Story  by  Harmon Cooper

Feeding Governor Christie: A Love Story by Harmon Cooper
June 28th 2015 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 109 pages | ISBN: | 4.53 Mb

In Go Home Student Loans, Youre Drunk, the author shares an e-mail he recently received from Nelnet services, the holder of 1/3 of Americas student loan debt. Gun violence is again the topic in Pay to Play a story about a corporation that matches older citizens with police departments so they can perform the role of volunteer law enforcement officer.

Rest Assured: I Didnt Sleep with Your Mother is a letter to a mans ex-girlfriend assuring her of his new position in life.Feeding Governor Christie: A Love Story, is a surreal piece about a couple arguing over an Instagram like while stuffing the Governor of New Jersey and his distinguished guests. Madness ensues once a waitress is swallowed by the governor. The Gastronomics of Brotherhood continues along the intestinal tract, as a woman named Clara receives e-mails from both of her brothers, who have been fighting it out for years over things that range from the benefits of enemas to philanthropy.

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